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Instagram # for weddings (review)

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Instagram is a wonderful social app for sharing photos - but not for weddings. It is difficult to download everything after the wedding and you will get a lower quality.

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Creating a hashtag has been something people have done a lot the last 4 years, but now that there are very advanced photo apps on the market, people stopped using hashtags

A hashtag is a good way of organizing and easy tagging of pictures, and a lot of people already have Instagram installed on their smartphone. But please keep in mind that you will lose a good deal of the picture quality and your pictures will not remain private as they are in most wedding photo apps.

Also, Instagram does not offer a way to download everything after the wedding. You can still do it with 3rd party software and in a lower quality.

There is also a technical barrier as some people will not have Instagram and know what to do with an Instagram hashtag. When we compare Instagram with wedding photo apps, it is clear that Instagram is not designed for use only at one event. The onboarding process is a little more complicated than what we experience in other apps.

Huffington Post also has an opinion about Instagram for weddings: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ariane-fisher/why-instagram-is-ruining-your-wedding

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