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SamSaidYes review

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Easy to access and find things. Requires to create an account through the website, more preferably, computer.


SamSaidYes app is for sharing the images with all your guests. It lets you upload pictures and the quality of them is better than social media apps. However, the disk space is limited. In order to have videos of max one minute uploaded, you have to buy a premium version.

The free version is full of ads, which is not convenient for any of the guests to see. Therefore, the premium version, costing 59$, shows the content without the ads.

To start the use of an app, the owner of the wedding has to create an account through the website first. There is no possibility to do it through the app. The user interface of the SamSaidYes is simple, easy to understand. It does not require too much information from first time users, guests, in order to use the app. It is relevant if people do not want to share too much personal information and struggle to log in. However, it is hard to download images. There is no way to select multiple of them, the ones you would like to see, you can save only one by one.


High-quality pictures than social media
You can see all the photos
Only invited guests can see the reviews


No special features for free
You can upload only 1-minute long videos with PREMIUM version
Not customizable enough

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