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Veri app review

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Veri does certainly have some interesting features and a great design. They offer auto upload, which is great for some users, but a problem for others. Even in our test, we did upload some photos that we did not want to share - that is the downside with 'auto upload'.

The Veri app might still be a good solution for your wedding. Our advice is that you test it in advance and see if it fits your needs.

Please let us know what you think about Veri!

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Veir does not offer a trial or freemium version of the app, and it makes it hard for wedding couples to test the app before spending money on it. Veri offers packages from $97 – so it is one of the most expensive wedding photo apps available.

That said, it is a very promising app. All the main features work very well, and photos are uploaded at full resolution. The user interface is simple and intuitive, but the way to invite guests are a little limited compared to other wedding photo apps.

One very bad thing about Veri is that it dramatically decreases battery life on your phone. The app runs in the background all the time, and we doubt that all users will have enough battery for a whole evening with Veri.

Veri is based in the US and it is not translated into other languages than English. Hopefully, we will see it translated in the future.

Also, check out Wedbox. It has almost the same features but at half the price.


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