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Wedbox – TEST WINNER 2020

  • Features
  • Usability
  • Languages
  • Multi platform
  • Pricing

Review summary

The Wedbox app can collect photos from 3 different sources:

  1. Your wedding guest
  2. As a photo booth
  3. From your professional photographer

The app is stylish, simple and easy to use.
The app is currently in 18 languages which means if you have foreign guest, then there is a good chance that when they open the app, it will be in the local languages of that particular guest.

The app also has beautiful features like their wedding time schedule, which will give your guests a great overview of the wedding time schedule

User Rating 4 (1 vote)

The allround wedding photo app

I have been to 3 weddings now where Wedbox was used, and have to say that it really is a fun experience for the guests and an amazing way for the wedding couple to collect wedding photos.

Wedbox has an amazing feature that I found really amazing for weddings. You can use Wedbox as the hub for all your wedding photos

  • Use it as a photo booth app for your wedding (requires an iPad)
  • Invite your photographer to upload photos
  • Collect photos from your wedding guest´s phones

When you set up your wedding you can add categories based on the timestamp of all pictures Wedbox will automatically sort your pictures into the right categories. This gives a great overview and it also gives the app an amazing timeline feature, where you scroll down through your day and through the different categories

Wedding photo booth app function

We have not been able to find an app on the market that makes it this easy to share all your wedding photos with your guest and create a super fun engaging activity like the photo booth function. Read more about the wedding photo booth function here on Wedbox´s webpage

The wedding photo booth only runs on and iPad and it could be nice if this could run from Android devices as well.

If you have an ipad and some light equipment, its really easy to set up your own DIY wedding photo booth

Collect photos from your wedding photographer

From inside the app you can invite your professional wedding photographer and ask him to upload photos. The wedding guests will be notified with a notification and can see and comment on the photos.

The biggest drawback of this app is the price, you have to spend $49,99 on the premium package, but since this payment gives you 5 years of hosting and could potentially save you from renting a wedding photo booth, the money is really well spent


The Wedbox review data sheet:

  • Developed in Denmark/Europe
  • Users: +500.000
  • Platforms: iPhone, Android, and the web, iPad


  • Collect photos from multiple sources (photo booth, photographer, guests)
  • Great usability
  • Auto-categorization of photos
  • Beautiful design and user experience


  • Colors of the app can’t be changed
  • Wedding photo booth function only available from an iPad
  • Price


Download the app from Itunes here

Download the app from Google Play here


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