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Wedpics review

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Review Summary

Wedpics is the worlds most used wedding app and seems to have been thorroughly tested and its very stable. You will get very few crashes or bugs.

Be aware that their terms and conditions are very rigid and you are giving Wedpics the authority to share your pictures with their partners

App is currently only in english which we think is a huge limitation for weddings with international guests

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— UPDATE JAN 2019 —

Wedpics have announced that the app will be shut down. All activities are ending after 8 years of operation. Read more here »

— UPDATE OCT 2017 —

Wedpics have recently updated the design and features. Some users like it and a lot of the users are not satisfied (based on app store reviews).

— End update —

It is clear to see that the team behind the app lacks female members and the result is a feature-rich app with a very masculine user interface. The app is free to install, but its VERY commercial and once you are “inside”, you will be prompted with a lot of in-app purchase options where the diamond package will cost you 79 dollars. This makes Wedpics one of the most expensive apps on the market and before you create your wedding you should know that you will not be able to download your wedding pictures without paying…unless you download them one by one in low resolution.

As Wedpics user you will have access to a web interface where you can log in and use a lot of different features, and in general if you are looking for an app that can solve gift registry, wedding detail communication, address and lots of other communication to your guests, then Wedpics is a great choice. Especially if you are from the US. The app is made for the US market and this means that the language is American English and the features are for the US. A feature like adding wedding registry is useless outside the US.

We also found segments in their terms and conditions, that actually mean that you are giving Wedpics the full authority to share and adjust your pictures. This means you don’t know where your pictures will end up.


  • Very stable
  • Many features
  • Good for US weddings


  • Made for the US market
  • VERY expensive
  • Terms and conditions

Looking for a good alternative to Wedpics? Read this out: Photo-app-for-weddings.com/wedpics-alternatives/


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